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Civil, Family, Criminal & Employment Law for Ontario

As a lawyer, Stephen M. Labow works with everyone from individuals and corporations to sole proprietorships and partnerships in the Greater Toronto area and elsewhere in Ontario. What’s different about his services? He uses creativity in meeting your specific needs, as well as creating customized solutions because, with over three decades in practice, Stephen has learned that no two problems are the same. Legal services from Stephen M. Labow include:

  • Legal advice
  • Legal drafting
  • Litigation – plaintiff and defence work

From Civil Litigation to Family Law

You will find legal advice and representation in a number of specialized legal areas when you consult with Stephen M. Labow. If you feel you’ve been wrongfully dismissed from your job, please call to discuss your legal options. In addition, Stephen specializes in criminal law, so call immediately if you’re charged with a crime. Book an appointment for a free initial legal consultation to discuss your needs for legal advice and litigation services. Stephen M. Labow also offers full services in the following legal areas:

Civil Law

  • Personal injury
  • Defamation
  • Libel & slander
  • Harassment
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Injunctions & restraining orders
  • Human rights matters
  • Litigation

Employment Law

  • Wrongful & constructive dismissal
  • Wrongful dismissal litigation for employees & employers
  • Advice prior to dismissal for both employees & employers
  • Employment agreements & contracts both drafting and review
  • Injunctive relief & enforcement of agreements
  • Fiduciary & confidentiality issues
  • Human rights matters

Family Law

  • Preparation & review of marriage contracts
  • Preparation & review of separation agreements
  • Advice and mediation of family law disputes
  • Obtaining Certificates of Pending Litigation & restraining orders
  • Advice and litigation involving divorce & separation
  • Spousal support & child support
  • Custody & access
  • Division & equalization of property
  • Variation applications

Criminal Law

Stephen M. Labow offers advice and plaintiff and defence work for trials, preliminary hearings and other hearings involving:

  • Domestic assaults
  • Fraud & other white-collar crime
  • Assault & other violent offences
  • Theft & other property offences
  • Youth Court matters
  • Charter of Rights applications
  • Civil liberties & human rights actions & issues
  • Appeal proceedings

Corporate Law

  • Shareholder & partnership agreements
  • Incorporation
  • Corporate disputes
  • Injunction applications & enforcement of agreements
  • Corporate litigation

General Litigation

  • Appearances in the Ontario Court of Justice
  • Appearances in the Superior Court
  • Appearances in the Ontario Court of Appeal
  • Appearances in the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Appearances before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Small Claims Court
  • Estate & intestacy matters
  • Bail & bail pending appeal
  • Assessment of claims & potential appeals
  • General civil matters & issues


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